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Sequential Clustering

Sequential algortihms are pretty fast and straightforward methods, which tend to produce compact clusters. All the feature vectors are presented to the algorithm only once or just a few times, and the final clustering is usually strongly dependent on the presenting order of the data.


Basic Sequential Algorithmic Scheme – B[......]


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Personalized News Discovery and Visualization, Diggol Launches Hot Topics and TopicMap[reference]

归档(转)prweb上 关于diggol的一篇报道。

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2006

New personalized free service to automatically discover topics important to each user from millions of blogs and news sources, and to visualize graphically the relations among the topics in one glance.

User generated contents are exploding and are changing the news media. There are over 37 million blogs now and the number of blog[......]


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Wizag offers semantic analysis, attention to RSS[reference]


RSS is world changing technology, but it risks getting bogged down in information overload. The simple solution is a system like MyYahoo where a limited number of feed items are displayed and the interface is most conducive to subscribing to a small number of feeds. The power user needs a l[......]


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