Personalized News Discovery and Visualization, Diggol Launches Hot Topics and TopicMap[reference]

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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2006

New personalized free service to automatically discover topics important to each user from millions of blogs and news sources, and to visualize graphically the relations among the topics in one glance.

User generated contents are exploding and are changing the news media. There are over 37 million blogs now and the number of blogs is doubling every six months. On average, a new blog is created every second of every day, and over 1.2 million blog entries are posted every day. That is about 500,000 new posts every hour. The surging popularity of podcasts and videoblogs are further accelerating this explosive growth. How can an Internet user discover and keep track of information important to him from so many blogs and news sources in the shortest amount of time?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal Online entitled “Me, Me, Me” predicted that “we are getting closer and closer” to a personalized “newspaper” for each individual reader. It compares three personalized news sites and points out their limitations. The new AOL/Netscape portal have similar limitations.

Irvine, California based startup Diggol this week launched a unique solution to this problem. The company is launching a personalized news discovery and visualization website at

To help each user find news and blogs important to him, Diggol automatically discovers and ranks hot topics using artificial intelligence, interests of all users as a community, and the specific interests of each individual user. All news and blogs are organized into these topics and are ranked based on its relevance to each user. In addition, Diggol shows the topics and their relations in an interactive graphical display called a TopicMap. The TopicMap helps users easily visualize and navigate the large number of news and blogs each day based on their topics and relations.

“We are committed to provide personalized services and tools to help millions of Internet users solve the information overload problem,” said Dr. Ping Liang, Diggol’s founder and Chairman, “With Diggol’s free service, a user can find out quickly news important to him or what is happening in all his friends’ blogs in one place.”

The company indicates that it also provides two solutions to businesses using advanced version of its technologies. Diggol’s Market Intelligence service helps businesses monitor brand reputation, consumer sentiments and competitions. The service starts at $500/month and the company is offering a limited number of free trials. Diggol’s Enterprise Portal Search Enhancement solution helps organize and rank search results to help users find what they are looking for in the first one or two searches. It is the first solution in the market that integrates topic discovery, graphical visualization, community and personalized ranking, and relational ranking.

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