TOPIC: ISSUE99 - “In any realm of life-whether academic, social, business, or political-the only way to succeed is to take a practical, rather than an idealistic, point of view. Pragmatic behavior guarantees survival, whereas idealistic views tend to be superceded by simpler, more immediate options.”
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“Thought is the seed of action,” we have always been told this to emphasis the importance of thought. When we were young, we were required to think and plan what we will do to guarantee the the success by reducing the potential risk before we begin. In nearly every field, even those closely related to practice, the ideas and thought are always play a pivotal role. Even though, it is practice that put the idea into action, the thought is important–and, even essential for the final success.?

Admittedly, the practice show its advantage in several respects. First, it is practice that produce the products which meet the requirements of our daily life and work, that is pragmatic behavior guarantees survival just as the author mentioned. We cannot image what the world will be without practice, we are surely suffering from hungury and shortage of necessities. Second, practice help us to prove the rightness of our thought. Any ideal will turn out to be just a fantasy without being confirmed in the practice. Therefore, practice has always been the critical part of human life thoughout our history because of its inherent advantages.

Nevertheless, overlooking the influence of ideas is definitely wrong from both empirical and generacal standpoint because of the special merits of ideas and the weakness of practice. First, idea serve as a guidance of practice by telling the practice what to do; Second, idea can serve the function of a plan and schedule by telling the practice how to do to be the most effective; Last but not the least, the stimulating influence of idea, which encourage the practice proceed forward to live through the hard time when there are some difficulties on the way. The significance of idea has been proved in nearly every area.

In the academic area, reasoning, analyzing??and the like play a more critical role than the experiments, which is generally the final work to prove the rightness of the ideas. Lots of the great discovery were first made from the books of the scientists and researchers rather than their library. The second character of proving influence the reasearch work obviously.

Then we consider the effect of idea in society. The more civilized society, the effect of ideas will be more important. People live on rice, but don’t live for rice. First, ideas help us make a development plan, inform us what is the most important thing in the present and what should be scheduled in the next year or ten years laters. Every country have their develop stratagy to guarantee what the country will be like in the future. The problems–such as the environment problem, nature resource problem and the like–which trouble the conterpory people less than they will affect the future people, thus it is responsibity of us to meet our requirement wihle not threat the existence of people who live after us.

In sum, ideas, which serve as the guidance, driving force for our practice because of their inherent advantage, should never be overlooked. Few will dispute that most of the ideas derive from the experience of our practice, which make the relationship between ideas and practice even more closely. To enhance our efficiency, reduce the risk and gurantee the final success, it is necessary to make idea and practice work side-by-side.


1. “Idea is the beacon; without idea, there is no secure direction; without direction, there is no life,” Leo Tolstoy once told us.
2. Pragmatic behavior does guarantee survival. However, for the sake of further success, idealistic views are of equal, if not more importance. 承认现在社会很现实,但是我们不能忽视理想的作用。
3. 现实很重要,是基础和必要条件。(简单说)
1> On an individual level, 对于个人要生存,适当的追求物质生活,吃饭,穿衣,生病,孩子的教育都需要钱,但是,个人要好的生存,要有理想,有计划。
2> On a social level, 对于一个社会,满足每个人的生存需要是社会的最基本要求。一个社会,有精神,有发展规划,才能保证社会的长远发展。
People live on rice, but not live for rice. (The idea of American people to turn over the British government and set up a government “by the people, of the people, for the people”. Their belief was that “all men are created equal, and are endowed with the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.)
但不能没有理想。Admittedly, a practical point of view is indispensable to success. Without practical attitudes, any idealistic dream is merely a dream which would never become reality. Nevertheless, an idealistic point of view point out the target we are striving, not for survival, but for a better life. Leo Tolstoy once said, “Ideal is the beacon; without ideal, there is no secure direction, and without direction there is no life”.
4. 在学术领域,要立足于现在的发展水平,做研究,考虑可行性availability和经济价值,economic value.同时要敢于挑战似乎不可能的课题。
5. 在商业上,取得利润是最终的目标,但也不能忘了计划,社会责任,长远的研究。这些即是企业的责任,也会最终给企业带来更大的利润。大企业都有长远的计划和超前的研发。
6. In sum

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