TOPIC: ISSUE69 - “Government should place few, if any, restrictions on scientific research and development”
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What is the role of government on scientific research and development? Some people may think of the work of society, of course including scientific research, should be put under the direction of government policy or regulation, while there are all also some people, especially the researcher involved in these research, recommend that government’s restrictions should be as few as possible, just as the author mentioned. I believe, there aresome circumstance in which govenment should place some regulation, and in most occation government should reduce its interference in scientific research.

The first reason I believe government present free research atmosphere to the research lies in the potiential harm the government’s regulations inflicted on the research worlk . First, few will argue that the scientific research work are usually a little advanced than the current requirement, and??the research’s ideas are sometimes far beyond our imagination which in the eyes of common are more like a fantacy rather a serious scientific research work, even be regarded as ridiculous imagination. History are repleted with such examples, the idea that send human people to the universe was thought to be crazy fantacy. Government official, which generally share the same view with the common people rather than the professional scientists because of their professional and educational background, can hardly understand this ideas. And??it will be even harder for them to approve fund, which they may think to invest in some practically useful items such as build a high building, or buy several new weapons??and the like, to risk on these strange ideas of crazy scientists. Second, it will take relively long time to see the effects of such research works, though they can bring revolutional influence on human’s life and work. The government, which supposed to do some pragmatic things, generally cannot afford such a long time. They will prefer some items which can bring rewards in a short time, even though such rewards perhaps are smaller compared with the those the scientists anticipated from their research works. Thus, the advanced and potentially have revolutionary influence research works will not be adoted according to the standards of government.

The second reason I think government will serve as an intriment rather than an aid to the research work has to do with their attitudes towards some basic and fundamental researchs. To witness this, you need look no further than he basic deciplines in the universities and colleges. Few and few students like to choose these subjects as their direction. This can reflect, to some degree, the attitude of the government towards these subjects. They prefer some engineer subjects, which can bring more direct benefits to the development of nation. The lack of fund, instruments and researchers has make the research work in these areas–such as mathematics, theory physics and the like–stop proceeding. The ignoring of these basic research work, which serve as a tool or assistance to the other research, directly affect the research in the other fields which seems can bring benefits in a short time.

In sum, the scientific research works, which has its inherent characters, make them a special profession in the society. Free research atmosphere is important–and, perhaps, essenctial–to whether they can develop effectively and bring benefits to the peope at best advantage. The Soviet’s heavy-handed on the socientific research work in 1930s served as a lesson for all the nation, demonstrated the potential harm of govenment interference in research work, though we believe the regualtions on some controversial subject, such as human clone and chemical weapon, is necessary.



Partially agree:
1.? ?? ?科学家希望有独立的思想,用研究来揭示事实的真相。而政府考虑的更多的是各种应用给社会带来的影响。在政府和科研的关系上,我认为,政府应该给于科学研究以足够的自由,但是当研究成果的预测应用会危害社会和人民的利益时,政府应当给于限制。
2.? ?? ????政府应该少管?
(1)? ???Generally speaking, government should place few restrictions on scientific research and development.
(a)? ?? ?Little relative knowledge.政治家不是科学家,政府本身对科学界并不熟悉,如果对科学研究限制过多就会影响科学的发展
(b)? ???Would be inclined to be in support what they regard worthwhile and would benefit the people immediately政府对科学界的限制也往往是从本身的利益出发。比如:提倡那些可以带来效益的研究,而那些基础研究却被忽视,从而形成科学界的发展不平衡。
(2)? ???Too much restriction would be detrimental to the development of scientific research. (A telling example of the inherent danger of official’s restriction of the scientific research involves the attempts of Soviet during 1920s’ to not only control the directions and goals of researches but the outcome and results of the research as well—for the purpose of the general welfare of the people. Some scientists even disappeared later because of their threats to the safety and stability of the nation. Not surprisingly, during this period of time, no significant discovery or invention occurred.
3.? ?? ?However, providing absolute freedom might cause other problems of equal graveness. (Some immoral researches or ones in threats of the peace, safety and stability of the society)?如说:克隆的研究带来了人们的伦理观念的混乱
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