TOPIC: ISSUE121 – “At various times in the geological past, many species have become extinct as a result of natural, rather than human, processes. Thus, there is no justification for society to make extraordinary efforts, especially at a great cost in money and jobs, to save endangered species.”
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“The Sixth Great Extinction is?coming,” experts in ecology and geology say, “The past five great extinctions have shaken the earth. We, human races, are the cause of the coming great extinction.” Thus I fundamentally disagree with the author’s assertion that it is not our responsibility to make efforts to save endangered species merely because we believe many species have become extinct as a result of natural processes rather than human activities.?

Admittedly, lots of species became extinct in the past Great Extinction because of natural reasons during the past four billions years. The paradigmatic example is the extinction of dinosaurs, which have been living on the Earth for two billions years, and was extinct in around 1.5 billions ago. It is said a small planet hit the Earth at that time, and the detail reason, some experts believe, is because the number of female dinosaurs is much bigger than the male dinosaurs. Therefore it is safe to say that the extinction in the past is caused by natural force, while the current condition is far different from that time.

According to the statistics of some experts, there are nearly 100 species disappearing from the world in every single day. And they predicate one forth to half or the species will become extinct till 2050.?

Though lots of these extinctions we can easily contributed to the natural process, we can find the human’s contribution when we make a further observation. The human activities accelerate the process of species extinction, though sometimes its effect is indirect. The simple example, in the document of experts, a road, we build in the areas where the wild species living, can affect the life of butterflies day life because they cannot go to the opposite to mate as they usually do. Thus they were?separatein each part, and the lack of communication makes them another life and another results. Such kind of road’s influence on the bigger animals such as lion and tiger will be even obvious.

Experts found lots of the so called natural extinction is closely related to the global warming, which resulted from the industrialization due to the great development in technology. The temperature is higher than what they can bear. Though we can say some of those can survive are superior than those extinct, and the extinction of the latter can be believed to be the result of natural process, it is the human who indirectly caused the death of these species which must can live on the Earth a little longer. Statistics further confirmed this statement, it is said the human activities make the extinction speed of bird and mammals 100 to 1000 times as high as they used to be.

We have reduced or ceased our action to hunt the wild animals, but our works are still threatening their very existence. And this will in turn threaten the existence of human in this planet. We surely will pay for what we have done if we don’t realize our responsibility–merely shift our responsibility to the nature process, and the disastrous consequence of these species today will be the?tomorrow?of human beings’.

In sum, to realize the problem is the first step to solve the problem. Some measure should be taken to reserve the endangered species, and try to spark a delicate balance between development and environmental protection, which can create an appropriate living condition for these species, is the most effective way to save these endangered species. Only by doing so, can we live harmoniously with them, and ensure a bright future.

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